Among the unique characteristics of this company is our ability to provide a real “turnkey” project.
These projects start from the project in 3D rendering visualization and lead to the formulation and verification of the offer, and then to production. Everything is developed within the Meda headquarters, which allows for direct and better control over the implementation of projects. From the initial stages to the choice of materials, from the assembly of the raw material in the company to the realization of the finishes, from the delivery to the installation with a single partner, that’s Meroni Luxury Projects.


Based on your project, we can develop the order cycle in the design and production areas, respecting your choices in terms of materials, finishes, accessories and hardware. The passion for our work involves us in the project, to the point of bringing our experience and our technical suggestions. The final result is the realisation of the finished and packed project, ready to be shipped and installed in your client’s home or location.